Invasive Lionfish in Texas

Lionfish are are invasive predator native to the IndoPacific. They are destroying Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean ecosystems. You can be part of the solution by reporting and controlling these predators. This is the one fish you can spear and not feel bad about it. 

Control destructive Lionfish

Sadly, Lionfish have invaded Texas nearshore waters in a big way.

Lionfish are native to the Indopacific where they are part of a balanced ecosystem. They were introduced to Florida waters in 1985 and have spread throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Without natural predators to keep them in check, these voracious destructive predators have replaced native fish as top predators while consuming reef fish and invertebrates in alarming numbers. Many efforts to control the impact of Lionfish are underway such as Lionfish derbies, tracking efforts, traps, even robotic assassins. This is where you can help. You can help control Lionfish in Corpus Christi by transforming yourself into a Lionfish top predator and eating them! Stay tuned as we come up with ways to fight the spread of Lionfish in the Corpus Christi area.

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FMI on the Lionfish invasion visit TPWD Lionfish FAQS.

Learn about Lionfish at the Flower Garden Banks NMS

To report a Lionfish or other invasive species sighting visit Texas Invasives.

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Learn how to control invasive Lionfish.

Learn how to control invasive Lionfish.