Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about scuba certifications in Corpus Christi? Contact me.

Where are you located?

To keep my costs low, I work from home. Please contact me to schedule a time and place to meet. 


How can I stay up to date on classes and events?

Like and interact with the Transformation Scuba Facebook page to learn about current events.

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Do you arrange dive trips?

I can arrange dive trips during the summer dive season. These are custom charters and require at least four people. Corpus Christi  and Gulf of Mexico weather is highly variable, so it is unlikely you could come from a distance and jump on a dive boat. For best results you need to live nearby if you are planning to dive offshore.

How much do your clasess cost?

Current prices for classes can be found on the page for that course. Quality training, not cost or convenience, should be your main priority when learning to be a safe confident scuba diver. Please read the details for the course you are interested in and then contact me if you have any questions about what is included and what is not.  For the open water course you will find a handy cost comparison worksheet. My goal is to provide the best experience possible and the lowest overall price.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, major credit cards are cheerfully accepted and preferred. There is no extra cost for using a credit card. I also accept cash and Paypal, but no checks.

Will I work with you directly?

Yes, I will be your instructor for the course, not a randomly assigned part-time instructor. I may also have a certified divemaster, assistant instructor or divemaster candidate help with the course.


Do you offer Discover Scuba experiences/ resort course?

Yes and no. If you want to try scuba in a pool before committing to lessons, then I can arrange that for a fee, though it is not very economical. If you want to do a discover scuba experience in open water, that is rarely feasible in the Corpus Christi area. I suggest becoming an open water diver and not spending your money on "resort courses" every time you travel. Get certified!

What is it like underwater?

Check out videos of different locations on my youtube channel.

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How long do scuba lessons take?

For an Open Water Scuba course of any quality it will take up to a month. Two days to two weeks for online knowledge development, two to three long pool sessions to perfect your dive skills and an overnight trip to practice your skills in open water. These should be spaced out to give you time to internalize the knowledge. I do not do the "quicky" weekend courses, they simply are not safe and result in poor quality divers. Your life is too important to rush your scuba training. Don't be confused by a discover scuba experience, these are not intended to teach you to dive, only to try it out briefly with an instructor. 

Am I healthy enough to dive?

You must be physically and mentally fit to scuba dive. Read the medical questionnaire carefully to determine if you are fit for diving. If needed, consult with your physician before committing to scuba lessons.


Do you rent dive gear?

I only supply scuba systems to divers I am training or supervising. If you are taking a course or diving on a trip I am leading then gear may be provided. Divers are expected to have mask, fins, snorkel, boots, wetsuit and other personal items. I am happy to help you find the best deal on these items.

Do you sell air/nitrox?

I only supply air or nitrox during training or on trips I am leading. My breathing gases meet or exceed PADI standards, I use genuine Bauer filtration and air/nitrox is tested at least quarterly.

Do you service regulators?

I do not service regulators. I am happy to send them out to a third party for you or recommend an economical service technician.