PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

Oxygen is the primary first aid for diving injuries

Emergency Oxygen Provider  certification which is required to buy and administer emergency oxygen- the primary first aid treatment for scuba related injuries. As a diver, be sure you  have formal first aid and rescue skills as well as emergency oxygen provider skills .  Expect all your buddies to be trained  in these skills as well.  Carry emergency oxygen with you, especially if going offshore or to other remote locations.

What you learn

The primary first aid for diving related injuries is administering oxygen.

​In this course you learn to recognize situations that require oxygen, how to safely set up an oxygen unit, and how to correctly administer oxygen to an injured diver in different situations.

These courses Include:

​Course manual

Hands on Instruction

Certification Fee

​All equipment is provided during training


PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course is $75​ 

Minimum 2 people to make an effective course.
This course is most often taught in conjunction with First Aid, CPR and AED, but can be taught separately.