Dive Against Debris

Are you concerned about lost fishing gear, like cast nets and fishing line, trapping and killing turtles, fish and other marine animals? Only divers can clean up this deadly debris. Participate in the annual Transformation Scuba, Project AWARE, Dive Against Debris Event and save lives. See below for details and like the Transformation Scuba Facebook page to keep informed.

Dive Against Debris 2018 was a huge success with 191 pounds of debris collected. Thank you!

Annual Dive Against Debris Event



People who love the ocean and want to save animals.


Transformation Scuba's annual Project AWARE Dive Against Debris underwater survey and cleanup.


Port Aransas South Jetties. Look for dive flags.


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2018- Stay tuned for the 2019 event to be posted here. 

Weather/visibility dependent

Monitor Transformation Scuba Facebook page for cancellation notices.


11:00- Arrive and set up gear, sign in.

11:30- Attend Dive Briefing

12:00- Dive in Buddy Teams

1:17 PM- Predicted High Tide

2:00- All Divers Out of water and sign out 

2:15- Sort, Weigh & Record

3:00- Anything you can roast on a stick

4:00- Certificates, Awards, Pats on the Back



Read the Dive Against Debris Survey Guide prior to event, sign in at table, turn in completed liability release, attend dive briefing, dive in buddy teams, collect underwater debris, photograph and document trapped animals, participate in sorting, weighing and data recording, stay for anything you can roast on a stick and sodas. Bring your own favorite item that can be roasted on a stick. 


Because right now there are animals like sea turtles dying a miserable death trapped in ghost fishing nets, lines and traps. Only caring divers can help these animals and bring attention to the problem, so we can find a solution.

Every Transformation Scuba certification includes a special Project AWARE certification card.

Earn the Dive Against Debris Specialty

Make every dive, a dive against debris, by taking the Dive Against Debris Specialty course and diving on your own to remove harmful marine debris.

Not a diver?

Shore volunteers are needed to help retrieve, sort, categorize, weigh and report marine debris collected by divers. You may also help return trapped animals to the ocean.

Learn more

Learn more about Project Aware Dive Against Debris

Everything you need to conduct a survey is in the Dive Against Debris Survey Kit.

Information on how to how to dive the jetties can be found here.​​​

Transform Your Ocean!

Please be a part of the solution to marine debris.

Want updates?

Like Transformation Scuba on facebook and interact with the page to learn about events and activities.

Transformation Scuba is a 100% AWARE partner. A portion of every certification fee goes to support marine conservation.

What is it like to dive against debris at the Port Aransas Jetties? Here you see a lost cast net and a crab trap that washed into the pass during Hurricane Harvey. You can see four fish injured and dying in the trap as they struggle to escape. These animals were lucky that a caring diver came along in time.

Time to Dive Against Debris