Dive Against Debris

Transform your ocean by diving against marine debris

The dive against debris speciality  course is a chance to transform your ocean while earning a speciality  certification that can be used towards your PADI Advanced Open Water  or  Master Scuba Diver Rating. If you are concerned about ghost fishing  gear like nets and hooks continually trapping wildlife, then this course  is for you!  The course consists of self study and one open water dive  against debris dive and then you must participate in data reporting. The  dive usually occurs during the Annual Transformation Scuba Dive Against Debris Survey.   Divers should be reasonably experienced before adding debris  collection to his/her  task loading while underwater and be familiar  with diving the Port Aransas Jetties.


Experienced PADI Open Water Diver with recent diving experience at least 12 years old.

1. Ensure you are fit to dive by filling out the Continuing Education Administrative Document.

2. Complete Knowledge Development via Self-Study of the Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Survey Toolkit and complete a Dive Against Debris Knowledge Review independently.

​3. Complete one Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Dive.

​4. Record and Report Data following the five steps.


Only  ​$59.99 which includes a $10 donation to Project  AWARE, instruction, online course materials, and certification fee.  Cost including gear and air fill is $99.99.


This speciality may count toward your Advanced Open Water or Master Scuba Diver rating.

​Instructor  does not dive with you but will be on shore and give a dive briefing.  You are responsible for your own dive planning and safety.

Maximum of 8 divers can be certified at one time. First come, first serve.

Transform Your Ocean!

Over 130 pounds of deadly marine debris was removed by volunteer divers.

Over 130 pounds of deadly marine debris was removed by volunteer divers.